Saturday, February 25, 2012

What a wonderful day~

I got something in the mail! The mail lady came while I was Skyping (and supposed to be cleaning my house. Oops. ;D), so I sat on my couch and stalked my window until she finally pulled away from the mailboxes! My dog thought there was something interesting out there, so at least I wasn't the only one staring...
So then I threw on a pair of my step dads old sandals (and damn does he have big feet!) to clomp my way out to the mail box~ I grabbed everything in there, and then tracked mud all over the nice clean kitchen floor. D:
But lo and behold! A letter!

The first one from my new penpal in France. : D
I was so excited to receive this! She's such a sweet person! 
The paper is adorable! We both share a love of  "The Aristocats" I had to sit and "awww!" when I first saw the paper. It's just too cute! :D She also sent me a post card as well, and it is very pretty. So I'm working on a reply to this~
Ah! I didn't realize it, but the postcard is blocking the cute penguin on the envelope! D: Sad!
And this week's outgoing mail (so far)

Letters to Tiina and Shelby. Both were sent out a little bit ago, so they should probably get to their destinations soon!

And today I finally discovered a way to be able to write on unlined paper without having crooked lines!
I taped lined paper to my folder that holds all my stationery. >:D This only works with papers that are very light, but since the ones that I am currently using are just so, it's not a problem! I don't know what I will do once I get some that are too thick for this! D: And it took me this long to figure this idea out... Yeah, I'm not the brightest crayon in the box. XD'


  1. Oh, I can see my mail! ^^" Glad that you got it :) I was sure you were going to like the paper. According to our first discussion, it was obvious I had to use this one for you :3

  2. I had the same problem while writing on to unlined paper... And in case the paper is too thick so that the lines won't show, you can use a black marker to make the lines on the paper more visible. Though if the paper is REALLY thick then this won't work.. D:

    1. Black markers. o 3o I hadn't thought of that, haha. I'll try it! :D

  3. The day when you get a letter is always a good day :)