Saturday, March 17, 2012

Yay! An update!

Took me long enough. : )
Also, there's going to be a house-meme-thing in the next post, since I told Tiina I would and it looks like fun. :'D This is a forewarning, just in case you're not interested.

First off, I finished a letter to Tári, my amazing new penpal. And Shelby, my amazing not-new penpal. :D

So, that's two done! Just two more to go! And a three day weekend to do it all! The little bells on Shelby's envelope took a very long time to do. XD

So, I got some new stamps (although I've used most of them already. I didn't buy a lot.). I got the 'love' stamps that you see on Tári's letter. I'm completely out of the standard standard stamps (that you see on Shelby's letter. That was my last one, which is why I had to go buy more. D: ). I was waiting for the cherry blossom tree ones, but they came out after I had gone. They're so pretty! 
The other ones I wanted to get are actually 'marriage roses' but they're also very pretty. :'D
The flower-theme in general is just my favorite!

Also, I applied for jobs. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I should hear from them by the end of the week, and next month at the latest... 

I'll show some pictures of my trip to the Peace Arch next!

 You can kind of see my sister standing against the base. She's about 5'8" (172cm), so it's pretty big. 
 Distant view
A gazebo. It's really Asia themed(but it's hard to tell from back here). There's a pond next to it with a bridge, and a big willow-like tree. 

Also, I just recently got my enhanced license, so I'm hoping for a trip into Canada sometime soon! I'm pretty excited. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Getting a bit behind.

There's a reason for it though! And it's maybe one of the hardest things I have done in my life. 

Job applications. ;  _ ; Needless to say, besides a resume, I haven't really done anything job-wise besides working for my mom's friends. So wish me luck in getting a job, please. I think I am really going to need it.

And this means that I still have a few letters to respond to. Tári, I'm sorry, yours still isn't done.

But, as a few of you may know, I went to Olympia on Monday (Washington's capitol), and I have a few pictures to share! (This is the end of the penpal related post, if you're not curious, then that's it! :D )
 The building itself (well, the main part with all the main offices and such)
 Washington state seal.
 Inside of the lobby.
 Detail on one of the front doors. It's made of brass, I believe. There's more pictures later on.
 The room where they vote on bills. Our representative offered to give us a shout out if we decided to watch. Unfortunately, we had to go.
There's a page system, where you get to help out in the state building. Unfortunately, I miss the age limit by one year! D:
 A statue of George Washington. The reason his nose is discolored is because the pages and interns rub it for good luck. I got to rub it as well. I hope the luck lasts!
 Inside one of the offices, they have an awesome display of stuff. I can't remember the time period, though.

 Washington's constitution.
 A time capsul! I'll probably die before they open it, though. ): A depressing thought.
 A farther out view.
 More images on the door. I wanted to take one home, haha. They're very pretty.

 You can't see it very well in the picture, but it's names that when looked at right, make 3 soldiers. It's everyone from Washington who died in WWII.

Another view of the building.

So yeah, it was a really fun trip. We were all really tired though, because we had to be at about 4:30, so I didn't go to sleep the night before. It was not a good idea.