Saturday, February 18, 2012

Today in the mail, I got...

A post card!
For some reason, it wont let me upload it the correct way...

It's from the UK (England), and it is my first ever postcard received from Postcrossing! I have 5 more that are 'traveling', but I wont receive another one for some time. But this is still so exciting! My wall will one day be filled with postcards!
My wall so far. :D It's a really dark picture, though.
Most of them are from the same person. <3


  1. Who are most of your postcards from? (I see mine x3)

    1. My friend Ayume from the CR. But she went traveling with her school, and sent me a bunch. So I have lots from CR, and some from Austria and France. My favorite says "No Kangaroos in Austria!"
      (Yours are easy to spot. <3 I see them all the time before I go to bed. XD And I re read the "You know you're from Texas when..." periodically. And laugh. Every time.)