Saturday, February 18, 2012


I deleted my introduction post.

Hello, I guess. I'm Destiny, and I am 17, and reside in the USA. Washington, to be more specific. And when I say Washington, I mean the state, not Washington. D.C. There is a difference! They are not the same place at all!
I'm also (quite a bit of) a ditz. I always forget, misplace, or lose things. It's quite sad. And the fact that my room is filled with useless stuff and half finished crafts doesn't help a bit when it comes to finding things.

I can't remember what I put in the last post, so I hope I don't miss anything important!

I am absolutely in love with snail mailing. It's an absolutely amazing past time, and I am surprised that not many more people do it. Really surprised. But I have met some of the most amazing people from this, and I am so glad that I started. They all have, and will always have, a special place in my heart.
And this blog. XD I'm sure that I will post a lot about them. And snail mail in general. But there will be other things I post on here about!

Such as, cosplay!

This one wont appear as often as snail mail will, because I don't cosplay very often. It's usually only when my friends come over and force me into it. It's not that I don't like it, but because I am very self conscious. My friends, on the other hand, are the kind of people who will willingly walk around Walmart in a banana suit. Which one of them happens to own, and has probably done.
I don't know why, either.

And, there is also crafts.
I can't get too specific on this one, because all kinds of crafts interest me. I crochet (and want to learn to knit), make bracelets, do origami, draw, paint, do paper crafts. There's a whole list. Usually I stumble upon something and then, if I decide that I like it, I will continue to do it.

I think that's most of what I covered. And if I remember anything else, then I will be sure to mention it somehow.

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