Saturday, March 17, 2012

Yay! An update!

Took me long enough. : )
Also, there's going to be a house-meme-thing in the next post, since I told Tiina I would and it looks like fun. :'D This is a forewarning, just in case you're not interested.

First off, I finished a letter to Tári, my amazing new penpal. And Shelby, my amazing not-new penpal. :D

So, that's two done! Just two more to go! And a three day weekend to do it all! The little bells on Shelby's envelope took a very long time to do. XD

So, I got some new stamps (although I've used most of them already. I didn't buy a lot.). I got the 'love' stamps that you see on Tári's letter. I'm completely out of the standard standard stamps (that you see on Shelby's letter. That was my last one, which is why I had to go buy more. D: ). I was waiting for the cherry blossom tree ones, but they came out after I had gone. They're so pretty! 
The other ones I wanted to get are actually 'marriage roses' but they're also very pretty. :'D
The flower-theme in general is just my favorite!

Also, I applied for jobs. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I should hear from them by the end of the week, and next month at the latest... 

I'll show some pictures of my trip to the Peace Arch next!

 You can kind of see my sister standing against the base. She's about 5'8" (172cm), so it's pretty big. 
 Distant view
A gazebo. It's really Asia themed(but it's hard to tell from back here). There's a pond next to it with a bridge, and a big willow-like tree. 

Also, I just recently got my enhanced license, so I'm hoping for a trip into Canada sometime soon! I'm pretty excited. 


  1. Hi pal, I know your blog from Interpals, your blog is cool

  2. Aww those envelopes are adorable :D I found your blog by chance but, I'm on Interpals too ^_^ Claudia here btw, my pleasure!